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Health How Wellness Brands Are Harnessing The Power Of Scent

Wellness and scent are especially well-suited for one another, which is why brands are creating scent-centric products that promote healthy living

Design Pocket-Sized Greenhouse Is Also An Air Purifier

The Livesglass is made to be a self-sustaining biome that also cleans the air around it

Home Modular Indoor Garden Works Like A Living LEGO Set

LeGrow lets gardeners resize, add lights and even simulate a morning fog for their home plants

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hotel Guests Can Now Control And Purify The Air In Their Rooms

Innovaci Inc. is launching AireSpa, a system design to allow hotel guests to control their room's scents and sounds

Design Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

A smart wall of plants called Naava could have the ability to constantly provide fresh air

Technology Can A Personal Air Quality Tracker Improve Your Everyday Breathing Experience?

Improving air quality in cities by focusing on the areas where we breathe the most

Innovation New Bike Prototype Purifies The Air As You Pedal

A new bike concept from Thailand does the dirty work of actual air purification.

Home Roof Gardens Turn Public Buses Into Air-Purifying Machines

Landscape artist Marc Granen developed Phytokinetic, which captures the air conditioning condensation and uses the water to irrigate the roof.

Advertising An Air Purifier With Artificial Intelligence

Conway's Dyson-like device packs a host of features in a sleek package.

Design The Toxguard Air Purifying Blanket

A specially designed home accessory uses an unique structural design to absorb odor.

Design Plant-Based Air Purification For Your Home

Andrea Air is a new air purifier designed by Mathieu Lehanneur engineered to improve air quality by using the filtration of natural plants.