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Automotive United Airlines Unveils A New App That Could End Jet Lag Forever

In a partnership with Timeshifter, United Airlines is stopping jet lag before it starts by helping users sleep and wake up on schedule

Brand Activation & Immersion Beijing's Daxing International Airport Offers An Art-Infused Travel Experience

The just-finished facility features art that spans centuries, showing off the best of China's art and updating the airport experience

Case Study Poland's New High-Design Airport Aims To Simplify And Beautify Traveling

Poland's Solidarity Transport Hub plans to reinvent air travel with intuitive, biophilic and sustainable design, with plans to open in 2027

Analysis How Airports Like LAX Are Using Automated Services For Frictionless Experiences

Using a mix of app-enabled, data-driven and seamless technology, airport retailers are creating frictionless experiences for busy pre-boarding customers

Beauty Estee Lauder Targets Airport Shoppers With Too Faced Cosmetics Counter

The cosmetic company is extending its outreach and catering to the captive travel demographic with duty-free and travel-sized products

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Interview: How One VR Company Plans To Fix The Flying Experience

Faced with tough competition and pressure to innovate, airlines are looking to improve the in-flight experience, and the CEO of VR company SkyLights believes he has found the solution

Customer Experience Journey Airliner Employs Consumer Insights To Improve Flight Experience

Scoot partnered with CX experts at Qualtrics to convert data-driven analytics into actionable insights, improving its passengers' journey

Merchandising & Curation Subscription Service Offers Members Fixed-Price Flights Between L.A. And San Francisco

Low-cost airfare and extra conveniences like exclusive security lanes are all part of Teleport's monthly packages, posing to disrupt the air travel industry by catering to flyer's greatest needs and desires

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Battery-Powered Planes Could Transform Regional Travel

All-electric commercial planes are getting close to a reality, and could transport passengers on short journeys for a fraction of the cost

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbus Is Turning Airplane Cargo Holds Into Passenger Dormitories

Aiming to give passengers better rest on long-haul flights, the bunk-style beds in the plane's cargo holds will be available to fliers for an extra charge

Optimal Travel Experience

In this episode, PSFK team members Piers Fawkes and Isabella Alimonti talk to industry experts about the trends influencing travel at every stage of the journey

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Innovation EasyJet Plans To Have An Electric Airplane In The Sky Within A Decade

The British airline wants to provide flights powered by electricity instead of fuel, which would radically reshape the cost of flying

Advertising JetBlue's Facial Recognition Provides Paperless Boarding

The airline's program will require only a quick photo match to board your flight