Post Purchase Service & Support Delta And Equinox Offer Workout Classes Aimed At Treating Jet Lag

To promote the airline's feature-rich Airbus A350 designed to reduce the negative effects of air travel, the brand is offering customers jet lag-suppressing classes with their boarding pass, optimizing customer comfort while also extending brand engagement

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Battery-Powered Planes Could Transform Regional Travel

All-electric commercial planes are getting close to a reality, and could transport passengers on short journeys for a fraction of the cost

Fashion & Apparel Travelers Can Walk Off The Plane In Stylish In-Flight Pajamas

Etihad Airways will give first-class passengers designer loungewear that is meant to be reused

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbus Is Turning Airplane Cargo Holds Into Passenger Dormitories

Aiming to give passengers better rest on long-haul flights, the bunk-style beds in the plane's cargo holds will be available to fliers for an extra charge

Automotive Audi Car-Drone Hybrid Explores The Future Of Flying Taxis

This autonomous mobility concept from the Geneva Motor Show could dodge traffic by air or navigate tight streets as a microcar

Advertising Virgin Atlantic Helps Couples Cuddle With 'Love Suite' Seating Class

Couples traveling will get the chance to cuddle on their next flight thanks to a new fleet of seating classes by Virgin Atlantic

Design Singapore Airlines Takes Hotel Rooms To The Sky

The airline has unveiled new luxury cabins with more space

Retail Air France Is Experimenting With VR Glasses For In-Flight Entertainment

Soon the airline will have virtual reality headsets available for passengers

Advertising Hawaiian Airlines' New Cabin Pays Homage To Cultural Traditions

JPA Design created a new interior design for the cabins in A321neo aircrafts that the airline will have by the end of 2017

Design Modular Pods From Airbus Can Be Transformed Into A Coffee Shop, Spa Or Play Area

The aviation company is taking a new, more flexible approach to cabin design

Technology Airbus Unveils Miniature 3D-Printed Aircraft

The lightweight, windowless drones takes off at Berlin's Airshow

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How the Travel Industry is Trying to Eradicate Jet Lag

Two companies are learning from cutting-edge sleep science in the battle against sleep-deprived travel

Luxury Board a Plane That Can Prevent Jet Lag and Carbon Emissions

The A350 WXB has features that ease jet lag and environmental impact