Airliner accidents and incidents

Advertising KLM Installs Seats That Translate Languages In Real-Time Conversation

Dutch airline KLM used Google Cloud Speech to help people traveling through an airport communicate with each other in their own languages

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Amsterdam Airport Is Accepting Reservations To Pass Through Security

The Personal Security Pass pilot project lets travelers reserve a time slot for going through security control

Entertainment Southwest Airlines Hosts Pop-Up Concerts Mid-Flight

Live concerts performed during flights give passengers a new type of entertainment

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket JetBlue Program Turns Normal People Into Pilots

The airline company is looking to combat the shortage of pilots by training their own, even if they've never flown before

Advertising Yangtze River Airlines Created Music-Themed Flights To Entertain Passengers

NetEase Cloud Music created 18 different playlists for Yangtze River airline passengers to listen to during the journey

Food & Beverage Air France Has Released A Line Of Chewing Gum

To help passengers deal with their ears popping during their flight, Air France developed their own line of gum that comes in two flavors