Brand Activation & Immersion KLM Airlines Is Building Brand Awareness With An ATM, Radio Station And Restaurant

The Dutch airline is marshaling a series of activations in response to consumer insights indicating a lack of awareness in its target market, hoping to drive engagement with interactive and informative community experiences

Design Why Lufthansa Gave Its Brand Design A Refresh

The airline with an iconic design has revamped its image to remain relevant in the digital age

Advertising Lufthansa Wants To Turn Airplanes Into Event Spaces

The airline is hosting a new series of technology-focused live event streams on flights with special guests for passengers to watch and interact with

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airplane Cabin Simulator Lets Boeing Test New Projects

The manufacturer is trying to make each trip in the air more tech-friendly for passengers

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Boeing Wants Passengers To Control Their In-Flight Experience Through Their Phones

The airline manufacturer is embracing automation through a new generation of mobile travel apps

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Supersonic Flights At Business Class Fares

A supersonic plane that'd let you fly from NY to London in under four hours

Design Airplane Cabin Designed for Optimal Stowaway Luggage Space

Embraer Air E2 enhances passenger experience with increased personal room for comfort

Home Luxury Plane Cabins Are The Penthouse Apartments Of The Future

A host of upscale design companies take the luxury concept to the next level.

Design Giant Rubber Bands Help Plane Passengers Tune Out Their Neighbors

B-Tourist is an airplane seat attachment that provides privacy, storage and calm.

Advertising How A Nineteen-Year-Old Redesigned The Domestic Airline System

Matt Voska created Flytenow which offers a low cost and eco-friendly way to travel in New England.

Innovation GE Crowdsources The Design Of Sophisticated Airplane Parts [Pics]

Leading innovation company look to the maker community for 3D-printed schematics.

Technology Android App Can Hack Into An Airplane's Systems

PlaneSploit was developed by security consultant Hugo Teso to show the flaws in the current technology.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Robot Bartender Serves Drinks On Commercial Flights [Video]

The SkyTender can prepare over 30 different beverages at the touch of a button.

Home Old Airplane Turned Into A Kindergarten Classroom

In Georgia, an old Yak-42 has been transformed into a place for kids to play and learn, with desks and educational toys.