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Health Interview: How Scent Can Help Foster A Good Night's Rest

In this interview, founder of Sensorwake Guillaume Roland speaks about how his company is using the power and benefits of scent to help people sleep better, pairing technology with natural remedies to respond to consumer demand for wellness products that are gentle yet effective

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Smart Hotel Room Uses IoT To Create A Personalized Luxury Experience

A concept smart room from AccorHotels comes with voice features that let guests customize everything from lights to music

Design Alarm Clock Brews A Cup Of Tea To Wake You Up

A remake of a vintage design, this alarm clock and tea-maker will help you begin the morning with a ready-made cup of tea

Home Pillow Gently Wakes Sleepers Up With Natural Light

The Sunrise Pillow aims to improve the health of sleepers by waking them up gently with light rather than sound

Technology Equipping Connected Homes With A Smarter Brain

Lighthouse wants to integrate AI and 3D-sensing technology into the household

Health Snooze-Proof Alarm Clock Makes You Get Up To Turn It Off

Ruggie is an alarm clock mat that forces you to physically place your feet on it in order to turn off, even speaking a motivational phrase to start the day off on the right foot

Automotive Alarm Clock Adjusts Your Wake-Up Time Based On Weather And Traffic

The device is also capable of connecting with services such as Spotify and Nest to help people control their living environment

Automotive Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Earlier If There Are Traffic Jams On Your Commute

An iOS app can calculate your wake-up time using traffic data to ensure you'll get to the office on time

Advertising This Work Clock Rings For Women After 79% Of The Work Day

This clever clock was designed to highlight the pay wage gap between men and women

Innovation An Unstoppable Alarm Clock that Only Rests When You're Out of Bed

The only way to shut this alarm off is by getting up

Work Start Your Mornings with the Smell of Cold, Hard Cash

Sensor Wake is an olfactory alarm clock that rouses your from slumber with the smell of fresh bagels, cut grass, and mula

Technology An Alarm Clock that Targets Just You and Lets Your Partner Sleep

The Wakē alarm clock reflects the realities of how people (and especially couples) sleep

Technology JBL Horizon Speaker Wakes You Up Gently

This small device is a twist on the alarm clock/clock radio, incorporating innovative technology to awaken users in a peaceful, pleasing way

Technology Alarm Clock App Makes Sure You Never Sleep in Again

SpinMe forces users to get out of bed and spin around twice before silencing their phones