Brand Activation & Immersion Spotify Accompanies Album Drop With Dedicated Popup Store

Spotify highlighted the release of a French vocalist's album with a physical pop-up event, made possible by Storefront, offering guests exclusive services and performance from the artist

Analysis Interview: Aaron Levant's NTWRK Uses Shoppable Video Content To Connect With A New Generation Of Consumers

With shoppable programming dedicated to gaming, music, sports, and more, Aaron Levant hopes NTWRK can become a kind of QVC concept for Generation Z

Entertainment Shoppable AR Lens Nudges Nicki Minaj Fans To Her Album Web Store

After experiencing the augmented reality lens, fans are directed to the musician's website where they can purchase her latest album and "Queen" necklace via the platform's shop button

Retail Do Consumers Sometimes Love A Bit Of Inconvenience?

If people are welcoming back vinyl records, the antithesis of Spotify and YouTube, what else could return?

Design Beck's New Album Artwork Can Be Customized

Designers Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey made an album cover out of colorful die-cut layers, which the listener can adjust

Advertising Radiohead Album Hides An App That Only Runs On An 80s Computer

The new special edition album OKNOTOK hides an Easter egg inside the C90 cassette tape that comes with the album

Advertising Gorillaz Launch Actual Spirit Houses Around The World To Promote Their New Album

The band created a limited run of interactive spaces that are open for anyone to visit for free

Design A New Typeface Was Created To Promote This Record

Jérémy Landes created the text for Frànçois & the Atlas Mountain's latest album

Home Play Old School Vinyl With Your Phone

This intelligent turntable updates traditional record players to provide modern convenience

Technology Vinyl's Revival Continues With New Celebrity Subscription Service

Experience Vinyl promises to deliver some of Elton John and Quincy Jones' favorite albums to your door

Technology Band Launches An Augmented Reality Platform To Promote Their New Album

Run The Jewels' merchandise unlocks customized visuals on a phone or tablet

Innovation PSFK's Trending Topic: Useful Packaging That Doesn't Need To Be Thrown Out

Multi-functional designs help extend product life and save the environment at the same time.

Advertising Rock Band’s Album Cover Double As A Wooden Chopping Board

Album case that can be used as a chopping board reinvents album art and breathes new life into product design.

Advertising Beer-Opener Flash Drive Holds Rock Band's Latest Album

Queens of the Stone Age have released their new musical offering on a flash drive that includes additional content.