album art

Design Beck's New Album Artwork Can Be Customized

Designers Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey made an album cover out of colorful die-cut layers, which the listener can adjust

Advertising Pentagram Designs Corporate Branding For A New Indie Album

The indie band The National hired the design agency to create a visual identity for their seventh album

Technology Thom Yorke's Album Art Turned Into GIF Graffiti

To promote the release of the first record from 'Atoms For Peace,' the L.A. office of the band’s label was painted with a giant mural.

Advertising Vinyl Album Covers Superimposed On France [Pics]

A French radio station comes up with a fun and quirky ad campaign that blends album covers with reality.

Home Shepard Fairey's New Project Celebrates Album Art

The limited edition REVOLUTIONS box feature designs from the artist's latest exhibition.

Design Nick Knight Remixes The Cover Art For Lady Gaga's New Album

Smoke & Mirrors divides up the cover art into a series of downloads.

Innovation Crowdsourcing Album Art: The Johnny Cash Project

Rick Rubin was having a hard time deciding on the visual to accompany the single for Johnny Cash's final album, but Director Chris Milk luckily had an idea that matched the the artist's iconically defiant attitude - perfectly.

Work Album Art As Music Video

Ira Marcks' 50 foot illustration walks the line between artwork and music video.

Gaming & Play Vinyl Records and Turntables Make a Comeback

The New York Times reports that vinyl records and turntables have been making a steady resurgence for the past few years, driven by the demand from members of the digital (iPod) generation.

Work Finding Inspiration From The Worst Album Art of 2009

Pitchfork released their list of the worst album covers of 2009. Inspiration from music - and from the sometimes ill-suited artwork that accompanies it.