Automotive Airbnb's Navigation Tool Helps Travelers Locate Off-Trail Stays

Geocoding system What3words is teaming up with Airbnb to help its customers hunt down unique or hidden lodges not easily found through other navigation services, like a tent in a Mongolian forest

Design The Best Of Tech-Meets-Design From NYCxDesign 2018

This year's batch takes music appreciation in new directions, encourages better sleep with LEDs and generates rugs from algorithms

Design IKEA-Style How-To Guides For Computer Programmers

Well-known illustration style provides step-by-step instructions for key tasks

Wellness Algorithm Helps Couples Improve Their Love Life

iHeartUs claims to strengthen relationships with its proprietary 'love language' algorithm

Advertising Audible's Machine Learning Lets Romance Novel Fans 'Skip To The Good Parts'

The Audible Romance Package is using new technology to give fans what they want

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Project Adds Internet Suggestions To Real-World Locations

Signs of the Times places large banners in scenic locations showing other places people also liked

Advertising Dating App Reads Your Tweets To Find A Personality Match

The concept revolves around the idea that Twitter users post more unfiltered thoughts

Design How An Algorithm Helped Design The Perfect Concert Hall

Numbers and patterns were used to create this beautifully stunning auditorium

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Design Algorithm Turns Your DNA Into Patterns for Scarves and Tartans

Wrap yourself in a carefully designed, tactile version of your DNA

Technology Self-Balancing Skateboard Keeps Riders Accident Free [Video]

Single-wheeled skateboard is powered by complex algorithms and built-in sensors.

Retail Making Algorithms More Human [Future Of Retail]

PSFK Labs looks at Adaptive Personalization tools that create perfectly unique experiences for every customer.

Innovation Biometric Webcams Measure Student Engagement In Class

Facial recognition system could help teachers create more interesting lesson plans.

Work Warped Google Earth Images Resemble Dali Masterpieces

Brooklyn based artist discovers a hidden feature of Google Earth.