Automotive Google Parent Company's Drone Service Will Offer Customers Free Grocery Delivery

Testing in Helsinki, Alphabet's drones are intended to deliver light-weigh packages like medicine and meals quickly and efficiently, and will trial the service free of charge this coming spring

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Bank Of America Hopes To Monitor The Integrity Of Online Ads With A Brand Safety Officer

The new role was created after fears about questionable content, following Unilever’s public stand against ‘fake news, racism, sexism and hate’

Advertising Google Launched Its Own Ad Blocker, How Could That Impact Advertisers?

As a hugely popular browser choice, Chrome and by extension Google have a huge influence over the ad habits of consumers

Merchandising & Curation How Brands Are Using Machine Learning To Customize Content

Machine learning can help content creators monitor and personalize material, from comment forums to AI-generated music

Syndicated Google Built A Tool To Stop Annoying Ads From Following You Around The Internet

New settings will allow users to hide reminder ads on a case-by-case basis, giving more control over muted advertisements across devices

Delivery & Logistics Waymo Has Launched A Fully Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service

Alphabet’s self-driving car firm beats Uber to be first to offer robot taxis without humans behind the wheel to take over in an emergency

Design Alphabet Inc. Is Building A City Out Of Data

Sidewalk Toronto will be the first real-world attempt by Google's parent company to optimize city life

Retail Is Big Tech Squeezing Out Startup Competition?

Young firms struggle to compete as deep-pocketed companies like Facebook and Amazon clone products and consolidate their power

Technology DeepMind Announces An Ethics Group To Focus On Problems Of AI

The Google firm is bringing in advisers from academia and charity sector to ‘help technologists put ethics into practice’ so society can cope with artificial intelligence

Retail Why Augmented Reality Is The Next Battleground For Apple And Google

The two biggest players in smartphone software are pitching to win the war for AR

Syndicated Computing Pioneer Says Two-Year-Olds Should Learn How To Code

An early start would encourage women to become programmers and reduce gender stereotyping, argues Stephanie Shirley

Design Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

A project from the company's X division plans to use salt and a low temperature liquid similar to antifreeze to store energy

Technology Why Google Is Radically Changing Its Homepage For The First Time Since 1996

The search company will integrate its app-based feed of news, events, sports and interest-based topics into the page in the near future

Syndicated Google Is Using The Blockchain To Make Hospitals Run Better

The tech company’s health subsidiary is planning a digital ledger based on blockchain to let hospitals track personal data