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January 16, 2019 | New York City
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August 15, 2018

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Leslie is the co-founder of Transatomic, an energy company dedicated to converting nuclear waste into electricity. Transatomic’s Waste Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor (WAMSR), as opposed to a traditional light water nuclear reactor, utilizes uranium dissolved in a liquid salt to release up to 96 percent of the fuel in uranium and produce 2.5 percent of the waste of a traditional system. This results in a much safer, more efficient, less expensive and more sustainable way of generating power from the spent rods of light water reactors, which can take hundreds of thousands of years to deteriorate. Leslie graduated from MIT with a PhD in nuclear engineering, having focused on computational nuclear materials. In 2012, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, and in 2013, one of TIME Magazine’s 30 People Under 30 Changing the World.


Danielle is the co-founder and chief scientist of LightSail Energy, a manufacturer of inexpensive and efficient energy storage systems. LightSail makes use of the waste heat generated by mechanical air compression by storing it in a dense spray of water, ready for reconversion at any time. Danielle is responsible for the core thermodynamic innovation of the system. Named the Energy Standout in the 2011 Forbes' 30 Under 30 and elected as a mentor at the Thiel Fellowship in 2012, Danielle graduated with combined honors in physics and computer science from Dalhousie University and started her PhD at the age of 17 at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

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