Alternative Energy

Technology Forecast 2020: How Technology Is Empowering A New Age Of Digital Activists

Our latest Forecast 2020 report explains how technology is facilitating collective change

Retail Grocery Stores Converts Spoiled Food Into Usable Energy [Video]

The retailer uses an anaerobic digester to convert unsold bio products into electricity.

Instead Of AA Batteries, Use An Orange [Pics]

Photographer Caleb Charland uses fruits and vegetables as alternative energy sources for long-exposure images.

Design Colored Photosynthetic Glassware Can Charge A Phone

Solar-powered drinkware coated with dye-sensitized photo cells can power gadgets when placed on a special bookshelf.

Innovation Nike's Venture Capital Fund To Back Green Startups

The sportswear brand shows its commitment to innovation and sustainability by helping up-and-coming businesses.

Toyota Breaks Speed Records With A Compressed Air Car [Headlines]

Toyota builds compressed air car that exceeds 80 miles per hour.

Advertising Monocolumn: Japan To Consider Geothermal Energy But Won't Sacrifice Hot Springs

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, we learn that Japan is looking at geothermal energy, as a way to power the nation, but businesses in the hot spring industry fear it would deplete their sources.

Technology Google's Wind Farm

Its new clean energy project will be capable of producing 6,000 megawatts of power.

Gaming & Play Future of Health: Off The Grid Energy

The development of human scale technologies that can to tap into and harness alternative sources of energy is yielding new solutions for powering peoples lives off the grid.

Advertising Orange's Power Generating Boots

The mobile phone company has returned with another alternative power solution for festival attendees.

Innovation Pedestrian Power To Light Up French City

Toulouse is investigating the feasibility of generating electricity by pedestrians walking on special sidewalk panels.

Home Using Bacteria And Human Waste To Heat Homes In The UK

A pilot program will be rolled out in the UK this summer, using human waste to supply a limited number of homes with natural gas.

Work Concept Battery System Powered By Human Energy

The Human Energy Recycle System is an environmentally friendly energy circulation system designed to gather energy emitted by human activity around the house or workplace, transferring it to electrically power other devices.

Design Massive Carport Helps Generate Solar Power

In Bordentown, New Jersey an immense solar power system has gone live.