Alternative fuels

Automotive Fuel Delivery Service Brings Gasoline Straight To Your Car

In London, Zebra Fuel refills tanks for urban drivers who want to avoid crowded gas stations

Food & Beverage London Buses Will Soon Be Powered By Coffee Grounds

London transport system to start using new B20 biofuel made from coffee waste

Design Mercedes-Benz Hopes To Boost Fuel Cell Appeal With A Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid

Preproduction models are testing a new and improved clean emissions combo

Automotive This Wooden Motorcycle Is Made To Run On Algae Oil

Ritsert Mans and Peter Mooji teamed up to make a sustainable motorcycle that uses algae oil for fuel

Technology Solar Paint Produces Energy From Water Vapor

The innovation could provide useful access to a clean and renewable energy source

Fashion & Apparel Radio Powered By Sweat Hints At What Future Wearables Can Achieve

A new wearable patch absorbed the energy from a person's sweat to use in a biofuel battery that then powered a radio for several days

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel BMW's Concept Design Shows How Hydrogen Stations Could Replace Gasoline

Designworks and Shell teamed up to concept new hydrogen filling stations that have touchscreens to let give drivers detailed information

Fashion & Apparel Japan Airlines Is Turning Used Clothes Into Jet Biofuel

The airline is targeting 2020 as the year to use cotton-derived fuel for their airplanes