Luxury Nearly Indestructible Handheld Laser Light Lets You Channel Your Inner Jedi

A laser so powerful it's even got cipher-locked SmartSwitch technology

Design Transparent Kayak Made from Key Ingredient in Bulletproof Glass

Witness life above and below the water with Clear Blue Hawaii's Molokini

Design Gummi Bear Candle Melts to Expose Metal Aluminum Skeleton

This large, cute product burns for over 100 hours and drips away to reveal its inner demon

Design Aluminum Press Manipulates Junk Mail into Functional Items

Designer Andrew Simpson's collection of reincarnated trash now formed into new, useful products

Work Draughtsman Transforms Beer and Soda Cans into Model Cars

Finely crafted hot rods, buggies, and race cars made entirely from aluminum

Advertising Perforated Metal Skin Shields Office From The Sun’s Rays [Pics]

Communications company gets a futuristic makeover.

Home Aluminum Ceiling Looks Like Flower Petals [Pics]

Designed by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects, Hana restaurant’s interior features a creased metal covering that looks like foliage.

Advertising Glass Basketball Court Glows With Embedded Lights

The ASB Glassfloor features LED marking lines that can be switched on and off or changed on demand for different sports.

Design A Bicycle Made From 100%-Recycled Aluminum

ReCycle is a line of urban bicycles featuring an innovative design that eliminates the seat tube.

Design Smog-Eating Buildings Remove Pollutants From The Air

Structures that have a titanium dioxide coating applied to an aluminum surface help clean themselves and the air around them.

Design New Larger Mercedes-Benz Is 200 Pounds Lighter [Pics]

The updated vehicle may look bulkier but it's not as heavy thanks to lightweight aluminum that is used to make aircrafts.

Luxury LaCie + Porsche Unveil USB 3.0 Aluminum Hard Drives

Porsche launches a line of computer accessories that feature their trademark sleek design and luxury materials.