Amazon Dash

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Dash Customers Can Connect Their LG Appliances For Automatic Refills

As Amazon continues to infiltrate the consumer appliance market, its automatic refill capability is now available on LG products

Loyalty & Membership How Intuitive Fulfillment Tech Helps Retailers Predict Consumer Needs

IoT devices and digital networks help customers restock items automatically, often before they realize they need something

Home Amazon Is Bringing Dash Buttons To Every Screen In Your Home

New software from Amazon allows home appliances with screens, such as smart fridges and washing machines, to incorporate a virtual Dash button

Retail Wal-Mart Sensors Will Alert You When You’re Running Low On Goods

Wal-Mart is filing a patent for automatic ordering that will directly rival Amazon Dash

A Designer Has Created A Dash Button For ACLU Donations

The concept product would make an an instant contribution each time it is pressed

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Garbage Sensor Restocks Your Fridge With Whatever You Threw Out

GeniCan made its debut at CES, with an unassuming but clever way to create smart shopping lists in the home

Technology Never Worry About Running Out Of Laundry Detergent Again

GE has added Amazon Dash buttons as a standard built-in function on its new connected washer and dryer

Technology Amazon's Newest Button Can Program Household Tasks

New series of Dash buttons are able to coordinate tasks with IoT-enabled devices at home

Innovation PSFK Pulse: McDonald's VR Headsets and Whole Foods Food Trucks

Kickstart your day with McDonald's VR headsets and Starbucks in Milan

Home Amazon Brand Buttons Make Ordering Household Products Even Easier

It almost sounds like an April Fool's hoax, but Amazon's one-push ordering platform is real and innovative

Video Amazon's Magic Wand Keeps Your Kitchen Stocked At All Times [Video]

The Amazon Dash is a WiFi and voice-enabled barcode scanner that lets people add items to a shopping list.