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Technology YotaPhone 2 Is E-reader and Tablet Ready to Take On Kindle

By building an ereader into mobile phone, YotaPhone 2 could be bigger threat to Kindle than fabled iPhone

Technology Best of 2014: Meet the YotaPhone 2 - both an e-reader and tablet

By building an ereader into a mobile phone YotaPhone could be a bigger threat to the Kindle than the iPhone

Advertising What Devices Will Replace The Desktop? [Future Of Work]

As we look at how cloud computing and modular devices are augmenting workplace IT, PSFK asks readers to tell us what they need on a mobile device.

Design Piers Fawkes: What Commuting Taught Me About How To Compete With The iPad

Observations about what works when it comes to personal technology from the 6.30am To Grand Central.

Retail Amazon To Open A Physical Store In Seattle

The online retailer is aiming to debut its first offline outpost in Seattle, showcasing the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Innovation Springwise: Authors Can Now Write Personal Messages In E-Books

Kindlegraph enables authors to send personalized, digital inscriptions, directly to the reading devices of their fans.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: The Fragmentization Of Experiences Highlighted By The Kindle Fire

The launch of Amazon's newest device highlights an ongoing trend that interrupts how we experience content.

How Amazon's New Kindles Have Potential For Publishers [Headlines]

Compared to Apple, Amazon is less concerned with hardware and much more interested in deals with content providers.

Technology @author Connects Readers And Writers On Twitter And Amazon

The new feature lets readers ask questions via their Kindle or on Amazon's Author Pages.

Advertising Ebooks: The Latest Frontier For Spam [Headlines]

The ease with which you can license content and repackage it to sell as an ebook has created a growing problem for Amazon and other resellers – spam ebooks. Distributors are worried, too.

Home Amazon To Offer Ad-Supported Kindle

A cheaper version of the device will include advertisements on the homepage and screensavers.