Design Project Overlays Ambient Music with Police Radio, Aerial Imagery for Urban Voyeurism

The site offers a new way to experience cities by layering its images, sounds and voices

Innovation Sound City Project Offers Immersive Soundscapes of Urban Areas

Audio visual collaboration presents realistic experience in global cities

Advertising Elvis Festival Gets Chic Marketing Makeover

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Advertising Museum Creates Interactive Installation Ads To Show How Fun Science Can Be [Pics]

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Technology Radio Helps Students Focus Without The Need For ADHD Drugs

The Brain Shift Radio is designed to stimulate your brain to help improve focus, fall asleep, or reduce anxiety using rhythmic and ambient tracks.

Advertising Dunkin' Donuts Interactive Bus Ad Sprays The Aroma Of Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts uses ambient scent to release the scent of their brew when a radio ad played, to help increase brand awareness in South Korea.

Design Flexible Home Loans Advertised With A 3D Overlay On A 'Stretched' Bus

A Sydney-based agency successfully uses an "under-utilized medium" to drive a new service's unique selling proposition.

Technology Making Automatic Music With The Audio Environment

Los Angeles public safety broadcasts collide with ambient chill out music in an innovative project by Eric Eberhardt.