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Automotive GM Car Drivers Can Earn Money Renting Their Vehicles With Peer-To-Peer Service

Testing in the Chicago area, the program is an expansion of GM's existing car-sharing platform, allowing car owners or lessees to add their personal vehicles to the mix

Delivery & Logistics Amazon To Use Cars As Delivery Locations

New program provides alternative to doorstep drop-offs

Retail Chevrolet Drivers Pay For Gas In-Car, Bad Snack Buying Seems Possible

Owners can select their gas pump, receive a code to unlock it and begin to fill up

Advertising Old Spice Managed To Stuff An Entire Blazer Into A Magazine

GQ readers can pull a paper sport coat doused in cologne from the pages of the magazine's April issue

Luxury Rolls-Royce Owners Can Tailgate In Luxury On Automatic Lounge Seats

Unfolding at the touch of a button, the feature offers Rolls-Royce drivers a perfect seat for an outdoor event

Food & Beverage Diners Can Build A Drone Out Of This KFC Chicken Wing Box

Customers in India received chicken wing orders in a box that could be taken apart and reassembled into a drone

Automotive GM Marketplace Lets Drivers Order Dinner From The Dashboard Of Their Car

The new GM Marketplace allows drivers to order a service from the car's dashboard rather than looking down at their phones

Entertainment Performers Turn A Kia Car Into A Musical Instrument

A video for the auto company's new Rio aims to show how a small car can do big things

Cafe & Restaurant Colonel Sanders Guides A KFC-Inspired Road Trip On A Cassette Tape

The publicity stunt features the voice of the fast food icon giving GPS-like directions through an old medium

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Could Encouraging Road Trips Help The American Sedan?

What it's like to chase the sun with Lincoln's new Continental as a travel companion

Children Chuck E. Cheese's New Remodel Ditches Animatronic Branding

The kid-friendly chain is making big changes, including a sleeker look and the removal of those animatronic singing animals

Design The New Rolls-Royce Phantom Has A Built-In Art Gallery

The British car maker is pushing the boundaries of luxury with custom art

Fashion & Apparel Renault's New Nail Polish Doubles As Car Touch-Up Paint

Owners can coordinate their fashion tastes with four shades of popular paint colors

Technology Ford Envisions A Future Where Delivery Vans Can Launch Drones

The brand's electric self-driving automobiles would release small quadcopters to drop off and pick up packages remote areas