Advertising LA’s Top Architects Create Cat Shelters To Raise Funds For Strays

The unique shelters are designed, donated and auctioned to help raise funds for homeless cats in Los Angeles

Technology Authors Create Poems Out Of Popular Porn Search Terms

PornMD sets up a never-ending list of live porn searches that have been immortalized as poetry by Animal New York.

Retail Customers Can Choose The Beef Breed, Location & Method Of Slaughter

Mycow gives you the option to select beef that has only come from pasture-slaughtered cows.

Innovation Animals May Be Shrinking Due To Global Warming

Recent research conducted in London implies that some animal species may be decreasing in size due to the rise in temperature.

Design Talk With The Animals: Dolphin Translator

In 2011, communication with dolphins has become far more sophisticated, with a research team currently building a 'dolphin translator' prototype aimed at recording, interpreting and responding to the sounds captured from the mammals.

Innovation Wholefoods Offers Ethical Choice: Animal Welfare Rating System

The company has joined forces with the Global Animal Partnership to offer their customers a more transparent, ethical choice when it comes to animal-based products.

Work Iconic Urban Design In Sudan

An optimistic plan to create unusual animal and fruit shaped cities.