Beauty Salon Encourages Pets And Their Owners To Enjoy Treatments Together

The massive Private I Concept Store in Hong Kong features multiple animal-friendly zones, including pools, spas, vets and a bakery for dogs as well as hair and nail spaces for owners

Brand Activation & Immersion Pet Food Brand Launches Radio Station To Calm Vet-Bound Cats

Cat Calm Radio aims to ease the nerves of pets and their owners using music specifically suited for the biological makeup of felines

Advertising Habitat For Humanity Uses Insecticide-Emitting Posters In Campaign Against Mosquitos

The NGO designed ads that dissolve when it rains and emit an insecticide that destroys mosquitos carrying viruses like Zika, fighting for the very cause that the campaign is raising awareness for

Food & Beverage Interview: How Human Trends Have Migrated To The Pet Business

Petrics CEO Ed Hall discusses how wellness and fitness tracking trends among humans are influencing products and services for pets

Entertainment Spotify Helps You Adopt A Dog Who Likes The Same Music As You

The music streaming service has teamed up with a German animal shelter to help match like-minded dogs and owners

Design LA’s Top Architects Create Cat Shelters To Raise Funds For Strays

The unique shelters are designed, donated and auctioned to help raise funds for homeless cats in Los Angeles

Retail PetSmart Opened Concept Stores Entirely Dedicated To Grooming

The salon-style stores feature baths, brushes, haircuts, nail trims and more

Home IKEA Has Launched A Furniture Line For Pets

The LURVIG collection line introduces a brand new series of furniture items ideal for the family's pet

Health This Company Is Turning Dog Treats Into A Liquid

Slurps provides dogs with something healthy to drink besides water that can help them manage their weight

Advertising Amazon And Cesar Millan Have Collaborated On An Audiobook For Dogs

Audible partnered with Cesar Millan to have him curate specific audiobooks for dogs to listen to while their owners leave them at home

Home Crowdsourced Platform Connects Pet Owners With Pet Sitters

With Pawshake, owners who don't want their pets to remain at home alone or in a kennel can find people in their local area willing to do the job

Design Watch, Listen, Read, See: Where Tech Meets Nature

PSFK staff recommendations include media and spaces that fuse technology and the natural world

Technology Sleep Better And Wake Up More Rested With This Bedside Device

Circadia is a device that is meant to help re-sync people's internal body clocks

Technology Tinder Is Trying To Prevent White Rhinos From Going Extinct

The popular dating app attempts to raise money for endangered Rhino by allowing users to swipe right on the last male of its species