Design This Bike Was Created To Be Completely Theft-Proof

Have we finally found a theft-proof bike?

Retail Durable Road Bike Made Entirely Of Bamboo

Bamboobee creates a unique riding experience by fusing raw, natural materials with technology and affordability.

Technology Anti-Theft Smart Fabric Signals The Presence Of Intruders

German researchers have created a intelligent threads that are designed to not only trigger an alarm when breached, but also identify the exact point of the break in.

Design Bike Pedal Transforms Into A Wheel Lock

Designers have created a special pedal that doubles as a bike lock to help deter thieves looking for a steal and a quick getaway.

Design Anti-Theft Lunch Bags Make Your Sandwich Look Moldy [Pics]

These zipper bags have green splotches printed on both sides, making your food look spoiled so no one will want to steal it.

Technology Anti-Theft Car Seat Recognizes Drivers By Their Own 'Seats'

Smart technology measures the pressure applied when users sit down using a set of 360 sensors.

Fancy Car Alarm Systems With Remote Accessibility Give Way To Hackers [Headlines]

Hackers can send text messages to your car's anti-theft system, allowing them to unlock doors and start the engine.