Gaming & Play Fidgeting Tools Designed To Help Creative Minds Focus

The DIDGETS Collection helps those who have anxiety or are restlessly moving to focus while they are working

Innovation Crowdsourcing Peace of Mind from Your Phone

Anonymously post about your stress on a social network that wants to use public feedback to zen you out

Technology University Creates Biofeedback Station To Relieve Student Stress & Raise Test Scores

The increasing popular university program is helping students cope with anxiety and increase performance.

Technology New Social Network Helps People Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety Social Net is an online community designed specifically for people afflicted with intense social apprehension surrounding the new trend of constant, personal online sharing.

Is Anxiety The Greatest Driver Or The Biggest Obstacle In Modern Parenting?

Competitive and uncertain contemporary times are likely to accentuate anxiety in a population of parents, with consequences for their children's well-being.

An Anxiety-Powered Map

PSFK was able to catch a glimpse of an interesting project at the opening of the You Are Here → Psychogeography of New York City exhibition.

Innovation Caffeine-Induced Alertness May Be Mostly Illusion

A new study debunks the stimulatory effects of coffee.

Technology Emerging Theme: Pressure Management

How are people dealing with emerging health issues brought on by anxiety?