Analysis Interview: How ePharmacy Truepill Is Aiming To Fill 100,000 Prescriptions A Day With A Technology-First Approach

Truepill is a business-to-business telehealth startup that's quietly managing a tech-driven, seamless operation behind the scenes of the booming digital healthcare industry

Loyalty & Membership Amazon Provides Online Marketers With Customer Rewards Feature

Amazon Moments is a cross-platform marketing tool that lets the e-tailer's vendors deliver physical and digital items to customers as well as drive engagement with a tailored rewards program

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Financial Startup Is Looking To Offer The World's First Open Source Bank Accounts

OfferZen and Standard Bank have collaborated to create a site that gives developers control over the way they can use their bank account

Food & Beverage IBM Watson Can Now Recognize The Food On Your Plate

The Visual Recognition model is capable of identifying over 2,000 different foods

Advertising Travel Platform Skift Switches To PSFK's Wallkit Software

Leading travel industry portal Skift implemented WallKit to provide rich and bespoke paid-for content experiences for its members and subscribers

Google Offshoot Uses AI To Fight Online Trolls

Perspective is already being used by major news organizations to combat a rise in 'toxic' comments

Automotive Your Favorite Apps Intend to Make Your Uber Ride More Entertaining

A developer feature should give users of rideshare services customized ways to get things done

Design BodyKit APIs Are Powerful 3D Modeling Tools For Makers

The varied toolkit allows users to create, design for and analyze unique 3D bodies

Innovation Interactive Campaign Matches People's Facial Expressions with Museum Works of Art

Rijks Emotions aggregates emotional data and pairs you with a similar painting of the past

Gaming & Play Delivery.com Calls On Developers To Rethink The Online Ordering Process

Delivery.com is rewarding $65k to developers who can boost revenues of local businesses.

Retail How APIs Facilitate Open-Source Branding [Future of Retail]

By opening their APIs to outside developers, brands and retailers are keeping pace with the changing marketplace.

Technology Why Open Source Data Makes Brands More Competitive [Future of Retail]

PSFK Labs looks at the practice of companies releasing open APIs to enable outside innovation.

Advertising Nike Incubator Companies To Leverage FuelBand Data

The launch of the Nike+ Fuel Lab will challenge tech companies to use the FuelBand API in new ways.

Luxury 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Jawbone API opened up, Facebook Likes protected under First Amendment and cat unlocks iPhone 5S.