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Analysis How Platforms Like Microsoft Xbox Are Engaging Gamers With Monthly Subscriptions

From Apple to Xbox, leading gaming names are meeting today's consumer demand for flexibility with subscription options that provide benefits like all-access, ad-free experiences

Home Try Out Plants In Augmented Reality Before Buying

Augmented reality application Plant Life Balance is using AR to make it easier for people to decide which plants are right for their home

Advertising Add A 3D Hologram To Any Photo

Holo app uses volumetric imaging to add 3D images into pictures, and advertisers will be looking at how to capitalize upon this ability

Advertising Augmented Reality Shows What Would Happen If The World's Ice Melts

Justin Guariglia wanted to provide a visual for people to fully grasp the reality of climate change and how it could affect them if all the ice melted right now

Consumer Goods Kitchen Device Converts Fruit Into Hard Cider

Alchema brews alcoholic beverages with all the recipes and steps included in an application database

Food & Beverage Your Phone Can Now Help You Fast

Whether it's for health, religious or other reasons, Zero is a service designed to help people track their time without food

Automotive Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Earlier If There Are Traffic Jams On Your Commute

An iOS app can calculate your wake-up time using traffic data to ensure you'll get to the office on time

Advertising Apple Turns Review Guidelines Into Comics

A new visual approach by the tech brand turns mundane copy into an engaging narrative

Technology Twitter Is No Longer Considered A Social Networking App With This Recent Change

Rather than compete with Facebook, Twitter has moved to news outlet section of App Store

Work The Push to Include an "Art" Category on Apple's App Store

+ArtApp wants to make art a prominent category in the application market as finding art-related apps currently takes much digging

Home 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

4k Netflix, Google Street View learns how to read numbers, and more.

Home 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Philadelphia bans 3D-printed guns and Google Maps helps travelers escape airports.

Technology Instagram Alternative Allows Users To Create 3D Photos

Tadaa gives the illusion of floating objects in pictures with its editing feature.

Technology Social Network Combines Best Elements Of Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Pheed allows users to share their own media content and remix that of other users.