Apple ARKit

Entertainment Star Wars Game Unfolds In AR, No Headset Required

Disney is taking advantage of Apple's ARKit to encourage a wider adoption of augmented reality entertainment

AR Reinstalls Stolen Artwork At A Boston Museum

Cuseum is giving visitors at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum a chance to see paintings that were stolen almost 30 years ago

Entertainment PGA Tour's Augmented Reality App Lets Golf Fans Follow The Course

The AR app gives users a chance to map out holes from professional golf tours directly on a surface directly in front of them

Design AR Concept Helps Language Learners Translate Names Of Everyday Objects

Using augmented reality, this engineer's nifty tool translates the names of objects with a simple point and tap

Technology Augmented Reality Measuring Tape Unfurls From Your Phone

A new augmented reality tape measure app will launch with the iOS 11 this fall

Home IKEA Is Working With Apple To Demonstrate Products At Home With AR

Apple's new ARKit will introduce augmented reality games and apps to iOS 11, and IKEA was named as one of its participants