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Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Amazon To Let Customers Use Cashless 'Pay' Service With Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

The mega etailer is building out its cashless Amazon Pay function to allow customers digital wallet transactions at brick-and-mortar retailers like restaurants and gas stations, hoping to compete with Google and Apple's digital in-store payment options

Transactions & Payments Festival-Goers Who Use Apple Pay Enjoy Express Lanes And Added Perks

With Apple Pay, concert-goers receive incentives like reduced prices or freebies like water to demonstrate the advantages of using the electronic payment service and promote wider adoption of it

Fashion & Apparel Shopify's Flash Sales App Frenzy Is Drawing Shoppers Back Into Their Community

Dropzones enable customers to buy online from physical locations

Automotive Jaguar Now Lets Drivers Pay In-Car For Cashless Gas Station Payments

In a partnership with Shell, the system enables drivers to use PayPal or Apple Pay via their vehicle's touchscreen

Advertising The Great Battle Between Digital Wallets and All-In-One Cards

Apple's and Google's competition is stiffening up as new payment systems crop up left, right and center. But who's coming out on top?

Innovation Banking and Payments Are Moving Into Pockets Everywhere

Advancements by mobile payment systems like Apple Pay are helping digital wallets compete with traditional ones

Retail Using Mobile Tech To Streamline The Purchase Process [Future of Retail]

PSFK’s Future of Retail Report 2015 explains mobile method of payment to streamline purchases and help retailers Kill The Checkout