Home Bloomingdale's Flagship Expands Home Department With LG Signature Technology

The American department store is expanding its premium home selection by including state-of-the-art technology from LG, responding to demand from luxury consumers for high-end connected appliances

Retail Amazon Is Using AR To Help People See Before They Buy

Amazon launches their new AR view feature for their application allowing customers to virtually preview products in their home

Design This Personal Meter Identifies What Home Appliances Draw the Most Power

A new meter could inform home owners about which appliances in their house waste the most electricity

Automotive IBM And Visa Are Working To Embed Payments Into Cars, Watches And Appliances

A new collaboration aims to bring the point of sale into many new areas

Design Device Brings Gestural Controls To The Voice-Dominated Smart Home Space

Hayo is a hub designed to enable devices to receive and interpret movement based controls

Home This Functional Kettle Is Designed To Sit In Your Living Room

An updated design turns the humble appliance into a home centerpiece

Technology Create Your Perfect Cup of Coffee, From Grind to Tasting Flight

The home brewing machine allow you to customize your cup of joe with the ease of a professional barista

Work Microwave Redesign Concept Reveals More Portable, Intuitive Appliance

Jake Rich redesigns the microwave in order to highlight our relationship with our kitchen devices

Technology MIT Grads Create A Personal Farm For Your Kitchen

Former frat boys aim to put automated organic farming directly into households to cut environmental and financial costs,

Design Fiat Creates Car-Shaped Fridges

Smeg and the iconic Italian car brand unexpectedly collaborate on a design project.

Design Glass Coffeemaker Lets Drinkers Watch The Brewing Process [Pics]

MANUAL is a 'slow coffee' appliance designed to give users more control over how their cup of joe is made.

Advertising Thomas Thwaites: The Joy Of Taking Things Apart [PSFK 2013]

Watch toaster tinkerer Thomas Thwaites talk about the power of DIY in anticipation of this year's PSFK CONFERENCE 2013 in New York.

Innovation Toast Bread To The Perfect Brown Everytime [Video]

Clever appliance that allows users to select their toast preferences according to color and not time.

Home Pour A Glass Of Sparkling Water Straight From The Tap

A refreshing beverage, or boiling water, can now be served at home just by turning on the faucet.