Packaging & Product Engagement IKEA's AR App Helps Kids Dream Up Cardboard Box Creations

The mobile application suggests cardboard art projects in response to photos users snap of their leftover IKEA boxes, repurposing the cardboard materials as well as offering an interactive family activity for the brand's customers

Advertising Spotify Is Integrating Music Into GPS Navigation

The music streaming service and Waze have partnered together to allow drivers to listen to music while they're watching the traffic reports of their local area

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services London Pub Chain Turns To Digital Ordering

Wetherspoon Order and Pay allows patrons at the bar to order from their table rather than having to walk up to the counter

Children Storytelling Application Lets Children Create 3D Puppet Shows

Google's new app lets anyone create their own show using 3D characters and background

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google's AI Assistant Used In Messaging Application

Google has updated its messaging application Allo to help provide quicker responses to users and provide information about a topic or restaurant nearby

Automotive Volvo's New Service Lets Owners Order Gas On Demand

The service lets drivers avoid the gas station lines by ordering fuel from their phone and having it send straight to their car

Design This Augmented Reality Sensor Can Measure Your House

Canvas is a new app and advanced sensor that uses augmented reality to create 3D images of your space directly from your mobile device

Health This Phone Adaptor Offers DIY Screening For Chlamydia

Get tested and receive results in under 15 minutes

Design College Application Process More Appealing to Gen Z via Plucked

A web application where students and colleges can discover each other and connect

Innovation Metamaterial Makes It Possible to Hide Hidden Objects from Touch

New applications for mattresses, cushions and smugglers could be in the offing thanks to research from a German research institution.

Technology Platform Lets People Countdown The Moments Until Important Life Events

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created the Milestone app, which offers visually-engaging personal timeline system.

Innovation Vending Machines Recognize Customers And Offer Personalized Purchases [Video]

New software connects with an app on customers smartphones to track buying behavior.

Retail Sound Waves Converted Into Screen-Printed Designs [Video]

Experimental record company and team of designers collaborate to produce fashion merchandise.

Gaming & Play Soccer Fans Cheer For Their Team At Home With Real-Time App [Video]

Tunisian football club receives support from virtual attendees to boost players' spirits.