Applications of computer vision

Automotive Waymo's Self-Driving Ridehail Pilot Offers Customers 24/7 Service

Currently in pilot, the autonomous Uber-like service lets riders hail cars any time of day or night, as Waymo strives to become one of the first companies to launch a viable fully autonomous capability

Advertising Time Magazine Created A Floating Cover Composed Of 958 Drones

For its most recent issue, the magazine steered clear of traditional paper stock and glossy photo sets, instead using Intel tech to feature a story about UAVs with a hovering array of light-show UAVs, shot by UAVs

Delivery & Logistics Dinner And Dry Cleaning Could Soon Arrive By Autonomous Microvan

Nuro's driverless delivery vehicle is a prototype cargo hauling droid

Retail Urban Delivery Robots Make An Appearance At CES 2018

E-Novia's YAPE is the latest in a growing crop of self-driving delivery robots

Technology Waymo Is Figuring Out How To Insure Self-Driving Cars

As self-driving cars become more of a reality, Waymo is forming partnerships to insure them

Design These Commercial Drones Fight Fires And Help Farmers

Parrot launches drones that help firefighters and farmers

Advertising Toyota's Newest Robot Perfectly Mimics Human Movements

T-HR3 can strike an infinite number of poses, with the aid of a person

Syndicated Waymo Has Launched A Fully Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service

Alphabet’s self-driving car firm beats Uber to be first to offer robot taxis without humans behind the wheel to take over in an emergency

Home This Indoor Drone Makes Sure Your Home Is Secure

Aire is a drone designed for indoor use that links to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant technology

Automotive Autonomous Vehicle And Drone Perform Mobile Surveillance

O-R3 uses a four-wheeled ground unit and flying drone to act as a robot security patrol team

Food & Beverage A Sushi Delivering Robot May Soon Be Roaming The Streets Of Japan

ZMP designed a robot to delivery sushi to the residents of Japan and it bring it straight to their door

Retail Control A Drone In First-Person Virtual Reality

The DJI Goggles offer an immersive and intuitive means of directing a quadcopter

Work Ford's Robot "Dog Nanny" Can Take Care Of Your Pet While You're Out

The automaker has come up with a new phone-controlled concept that could take your pet our for walks

Retail Use AR To Preview Furniture Before You Buy

Pottery Barn has created an augmented reality application for customers to 'test view' their products before purchasing and moving them into their homes