Applications of control engineering

Advertising Time Magazine Created A Floating Cover Composed Of 958 Drones

For its most recent issue, the magazine steered clear of traditional paper stock and glossy photo sets, instead using Intel tech to feature a story about UAVs with a hovering array of light-show UAVs, shot by UAVs

Design Nokia's Newest Phones Include A High-Tech '90s Throwback

The Finnish company satisfies consumer nostalgia with its latest phone models

Fitness & Sport Reebok Flexweave Gloves Help Runners Find Their Way Home

The apparel by designer Joe Doucet can help runners navigate, thanks to built-in GPS and incorporated LED lights

Children Wearable Phone Lets Parents Keep In Contact With Young Children

This wearable device was made to act as a smartphone for children, with ample parental controls

Delivery & Logistics Wristband Lets Wearers Hear Calls Through Their Fingers

The Sgnl wristband uses bone conduction to allow the wearer to take calls through their fingers, simply by pressing them to their ear

Home Google's Cardboard Box Kit Could Keep Your House Secure

The Google AIY Vision Kit lets people build their own smart camera to monitor their pets or house

Technology This Lamp Only Lights Up If You Surrender Your Smartphone

Designer Klemens Schillinger wants to help people unplug

Design Wireless Charging Integrated Into Everyday Furniture Pieces

PESI created a range of natural charging devices for smartphone users

Home Google Assistant Now Comes In A Remote Control

The touchscreen remote control Lynksyis a first for Google

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Square Has Unveiled A Fully Integrated Payment Register

The device features a built-in seller display and a detachable customer display

Retail Amazon's Latest Alexa Devices Ready To Extend Company's Reach Into Your Home

‘Kids today will grow up never knowing a day when they couldn’t talk to their houses,’ says executive in charge of Echo devices at launch

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket This Tablet On Wheels Could Be Your Ultimate Personal Assistant

Temi is a personal robot from Roboteam that can follow you around the house, making calls, organizing your life and helping you get things done

Loyalty & Membership Android Co-Founder Has Released A New Minimalist Take On The Phone

Android's co-founder Andy Rubin launched the Essential smartphone, aimed at simplifying technology and serving the user

Fashion & Apparel Louis Vuitton Launches The World's Most Expensive Android Smartwatch

The watch runs Google's smartwatch operating system and retails for $2,450 and up