Applied mathematics

Automotive AI Takes Drive-Through Orders At Elevated Fast Food Restaurant

The machine-learning system at Colorado's Good Times Burger & Frozen Custard aims to streamline the drive-through process, asking fewer questions to curb error and allowing for human intervention if needed

Beauty Pinterest Enhances 'Shoppability' With Full Ecommerce Automation

Pinterest is moving to completely automate its ecommerce Shop the Look function, marshaling AI to scale across the billions of images it shows Pinners

Analysis How Brands Like Merck Use Data To Enable More Efficient Delivery

As detailed in PSFK's Last-Mile Delivery Debrief, top brands are improving their delivery process by streamlining consumer and inventory data collection and analysis

Delivery & Logistics Five Robotics Companies Driving Retail’s DTC Future

PSFK explores the innovations in robotics and AI that are helping to enable the revolution in direct-to-consumer retail

Fashion & Apparel Circular Fashion Brand Designs Own Line Of Data-Backed Clothing

Using its knowledge of what resells, thredUp designed a line with a buyback promise ensuring the site will purchase secondhand wares from customers at 40% of their original price

Food & Beverage AI Vending Machine Curates Customers' Drinks Based On Their Photos

A Hong Kong herbal drink retailer designed vending kiosks that implement a combination of visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence to predict what a customer is most likely to want, then offers them a choice tailored to their tastes

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Travel Insurance Comparison Site Offers Customers Personalized Recommendations

InsureMyTrip is a search engine that allows people to compare travel insurances based on their specific needs, and accounts for real-time events like hurricanes and storms in its results

Entertainment How AI Is Enabling Streaming Services To Personalize Customers' Mixes

Streaming services are changing the way consumers listen to music and enhancing their discovery process by providing a data-driven, customized experience

Features How Companies Are Making Technology More Inclusive For All Consumers

In order to create solutions that provide benefits to every demographic, brands are implementing initiatives to reduce inherent bias, racism or other discriminatory nodes

Shopper Education & Assistance Forever 21's AI Visual Search Lets Customers Browse By Outfit Features

The retail brand is using Donde Search's AI-powered feature  to bring the discovery experience of traditional retail to online shopping, letting customers search for clothing in more intuitive, visual ways

Merchandising & Curation Machine-Learning Robot Simplifies Retailers' Inventory Audits

Simbe Robotics added new capabilities like RFID scanning to its retail robot to make the audit process faster and more thorough, collecting inventory data and even tracking popular customer paths

Shopper Education & Assistance Airbnb Hosts Can Now Grant Access To Their Homes With An App

The partnership between Airbnb and August locks eliminates the need for meet-ups between hosts and renters, optimizing convenience and safety for all involved in the home-rental process

Loyalty & Membership Subscription Service Uses AI To Curate Personalized Beauty Boxes For Members

By marshaling big data, Identité's algorithm can anticipate the best beauty products each user will need in particular locations at specific points in time, offering consumers next-level personalization within the beauty industry

Interview Interview: How Contextual User Experiences Are Optimizing Services

In this interview, CEO and co-founder of Talla Rob May discusses how his company is using big data and artificial intelligence to help businesses improve the user experience for their consumers