Advertising US Constitution Redesigned To Shed A New Light On Democracy

Hoping to spark a conversation around American democracy, ThoughtMatter tried to make the document easier to read and access

Design Museum Saves Creative Projects From Their Archaic Formats

The New Museum in NYC is holding a live-transfer exhibit to show the real-time archiving of art trapped on old media.

Innovation 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Why Google Fiber changes the internet playing field, Audi reveals its secret design studio, and taking stock after Black Friday...Links to start your day with.

Technology Are Self-Reflection And Timelessness Possible On The Internet? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Jonathan Harris talks about how humanizing the web will create long-lasting ideas and content, and shares his latest digital storytelling project, Cowbird.

Technology True-Crime TV Show Releases iPad App With Previews, Archive, Exclusive Clips & More

CBS Interactive's '48 Hours Mystery' encourages viewers to share comments about the episodes.

The Library Of Every Webpage Ever Posted [Headlines]

A copy of every webpage that's been posted on the internet is being stowed away in the Internet Archive, a physical library that takes the space of a small warehouse.

Work British Artist Publishes 12 Years Of Text Messages In A New Book

Tracey Molbert's latest work is a glimpse into her life through the various texts she's sent and received.

Advertising The Art & Technique Of The American Commercial [Video]

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers opened its annual program at MoMA with a short film screening and installation featuring archive footage.

Luxury Comprehensive Digital Archives And The Fall Of Tangibles

D.C. punk band Fugazi sets out on the task of compiling all live footage and delivering it to anyone with an Internet connection and love of thrashing, pointing to the ongoing death of rarity.

Technology WebCite Takes Web Archiving Into Its Own Hands

Online service takes on the problem of links that disappear overnight.

Technology Solving The Networked Image Stockpile

Software sets photo's to self destruct to prevent digital skeletons from rattling around your future closet.

Gaming & Play Preserving Virtual Worlds: A Project To Archive Video Games

A project to chronicle one of the most popular recreational pastimes is underway.

Technology US Library Of Congress To Acquire Twitter's Entire Archive

The US Library of Congress is acquiring the entire archive of Twitter messages.