Automotive Honda Advertises Latest Safety Features In Equipped Shopping Cart

Honda showcased its SENSING safety technology for vehicles by outfitting a regular shopping cart with proximity sensors, cameras and more that help consumers swiftly navigate store isles as they would the road

Design This Startup Is Teaching Kids To Code With IoT Technology

U.K.-based SAM LABS wants to teach your child to code in biology class

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Spin This Globe To View Travel Photos From Around The World

A DIY globe acts as an interactive picture viewer for travel albums

Food & Beverage Machine Printer Uses Coffee Drips To Create Intricate Portraits

The Coffee Drop Printer uses a large canvas to design these unique images

Entertainment Magical Bluetooth Speaker Comes In Shape Of Floating Cloud

The cumulus shape will let you trigger thunderstorms or dance parties in your living room

Fashion & Apparel Converse Hack Turns Sneakers into Weather Notifier

If you want to check if the weather is great for a stroll, just ask your Chuck Taylors

Luxury Let the Twitter Masses Concoct Your Next Cocktail

A machine converts random tweets from across the globe into delectable drinks

Advertising Blow Socks Off Binge-Watching: Netflix Stockings Turn Off Your TV Once You've Snoozed

The streaming service now lets tinkerers build House of Cards orJessica Jones-themed remote control socks from scratch

Innovation Coin Flipper Transforms a Simple Task Into an Unexpected Interaction

Programming and robotics reinvent an otherwise ordinary human movement

Technology Make a Cute, Emotive Robot to Learn Code and Electronics

Aesthetec's open-source electronic toys have their own personalities and can interact with people and other bots

Home Mobile Internet of Things Kickstarter Aims to Promote Greater Creativity

Thingsee One offers a development kit to create a mobile IoT for amateurs and professionals alike

Work Startup Wants 3D Printing in UK Schools

MakerClub creates classroom-friendly kits for teaching young people about 3D printing and high-tech inventing

Technology Draught Tap Rewards Employees With Free Beer For Timesheets

TapServer makes necessary evil more enjoyable for agency employees

Innovation Ballet Shoe Records Specific Dancer Movements

The Arduino-fitted pointé will tell you how on point your dancing is