Health Fashionable Prosthetics Designed Straight From A Video Game

Open Bionics partners with game studio Eidos-Montreal to make an affordable prosthetic arm

Innovation UNICEF Wants Wearables for Those Who Actually Need Them

The Wearables For Good Challenge hopes to open the floodgates for cost-effective, low-power, durable and scalable wearable tech

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Technology Intel Confirms They Are Working On A Line Of Smartphones [Headlines]

The ubiquitous chip manufacturer is set to get involved in the mobile device market and promises to offer better battery life and camera capabilities.

Missed The Smartphone Boat? Will Intel Become Just A Niche Player? [Headlines]

The microchip firm ARM, which designs the technology at the heart of all the top smartphones and tablets, has reportedly dismissed its rival Intel as a "niche" player in the future of computing.

Design Facade Memorializes Australia's Indigenous Heritage [Pics]

A new building in Melbourne combines innovative design with local history to pay tribute to the city's aboriginal heritage.

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Business Insider's list of top 10 tech partnerships provides inspiration for how sometimes unlikely partners can change the game and create opportunities for both an industry and consumers.

Design Human Arm Transmits Data At Broadband Speeds

In a new research, Korean scientists used the human arm to transmit data at broadband speeds.