Art Basel Miami

Design Gingerbread Homes Mimic World-Famous Art Museums [Pics]

Food artists create a towering version of The Louvre that tastes as good as it looks.

Design Artist Hand-Paints Famous Artworks Onto Neiman Marcus Stilettos [Video]

Boyarde Messenger created one-of-a-kind-shoes inspired by great masterpieces.

Home An Apartment Made Entirely Out Of Recycled Paper [Pics]

Scribe’s House by Pablo Lehmann is made entirely of pages from books, including a bed, bathtub, curtains, and dinner table.

Advertising Art Wrapped Mini Coopers Blur Line Between Marketing And Exhibit

An artist partnered with local businesses to cover costs in return for giving them a unique advertising platform.

Retail (Interview) The Symbiotic Business Cycle Of New York's Rochambeau x Proof 7

Rochambeau is Egyptian for the childhood game of rock-paper-scissors, a name that seems to mirror the dynamic trio of creatives who created the fashion label.

Design Art Basel Miami: Alex Guofeng Cao's Small Image/Big Image Photographs

Alex Guofeng Cao is a Chinese artist based in New York who grabs the most famous of celebrity icons and pairs them with similar icons.

Advertising Art Basel Miami: Not Just Another Corner Store

A tongue in check joke towards this year’s art go-ers at PULSE during Art Basel Miami, Corner Store was a pop-up micro-convenience store designed to poke a jab at consumer culture.