Art Collective

Design Interactive Restaurant Interior Changes With The Seasons

The restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district uses projections to create an immersive experience for diners

Stickers Mark The Most Scenic Spots For Romance [Pics]

Italian street art collective 0707 has been placing This Is A Good Kiss Spot stickers on surfaces around the world.

Advertising QR Code Murals Turn The East Village Into A Giant Scavenger Hunt [Pics]

New street art project is the perfect combination of art and technology.

Technology Oreo Separation Machine Is A Miniature Ferris Wheel [Video]

London-based art collective Dentaku creates an imaginative machine with a knife that features in-the-air splicing.

Technology 'Smart' Controller Lets Users Make Music With Hand Gestures [Video]

Dodecaudion is a gesture-based music generator that lets the user control it with their movements around the 12-sided device.

Syndicated In Defense Of Mariah Carey & An Electronic Music/Art Collective [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations on the pop sensation and a burgeoning Italian cultural association.

Design Floating Graffiti Teaches Good Values [Pics]

A community art project in São Paulo paints inspiring words that create the illusion they are suspended in mid air.

Work Illegal Art Creates Interactive 9/11 Memorial Along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue

Street art collective challenges New Yorkers to share their feelings about 9/11 by lining an NYC sidewalk with chalk.

Design Vice And Tiger Beer Look At Creative Collaboration

Made under the premise 'Curiosity Is Rewarded,' the 'Found' documentary series looks at the evolving way creative youth are exploring ideas together.

Work A Collaborative Cultural Clash To Tackle Social Issues In Romania

In Bucharest, community Art Centre laBOMBA recently brought together collective Rozalb de Mura for a focused project on urban situations of social confrontation, exploring the life of the local Gypsy community.