art installation

Design This Light Installation Will Play With Your Perception Of Time

A new audiovisual project features a grid of motion-controlled LED pendulums that move like the rhythm of a clock

Work Access Survival Guides By Lighting a Fire Under a Rock

An art installation requires you to light a fire to access PDFs

Create a Nebulae With Your Phone in This Digital Universe

TeamLab has created a glittering LED installation that users can manipulate with their smartphones

Billowing Foam Cloud Installation Mimics An Extraterrestrial World [Pics]

Artist Kohei Nawa's "Foam" is designed to make visitors feel as though they are on another planet.

Design Comic Book Street Lamps Transform Sidewalks Into A Continuous Story [Pics]

Turn Me On Design installed lights that feature quirky images and characters in Montreal.

Work Mechanical Installation Mimics Musical Track To Bring It To Life [Video]

Track from Timo Maas mesmerizes you with an Arduino-controlled ball dispenser.

Home Gateway Of Paper Windmills Turns In The Breeze [Pics]

Created for the London Design Festival, Najla El Zein’s Wind Portal features thousands of mini sculptues in a doorway at the V&A museum.

Design Old Bicycle Transformed Into Water Fountain

A clever street artist converts a rusty old bike into a functioning water source.

Design Escher-Inspired Staircase Leads Londoners To The Sky

The Endless Stair installation will be placed in the grounds of the Tate Modern during the London Design Festival.

Home Lightbulb Clouds Illuminate Chicago Bar [Pics]

Progress Bar's CLOUD CEILING is a permanent interactive installation made up of 15,000 re-appropriated light bulbs and motion sensors.

Design Beached Whale Sculpture Washes Up On London Shores [Pics]

Created by Belgian arts collective Captain Boomer, the life-sized fiberglass mammal was placed on the bank of the River Thames.

Work Massive Coca-Cola Logo Sculpture Created From Discarded Soda Bottles [Pics]

Design collective creates an art installation that acts as a statement against plastic pollution.

Design New York Museum Transformed Into A Moving Light Chamber [Pics]

James Turrell's new exhibition at the Guggenheim fills the building's famed rotunda with shifting LED and natural rays.

Design Highway Underpass Transformed Into LED Ballroom [Pics]

Ballroom Luminoso turns public infrastructure into a light and shadow art installation.