artificial inteligence

Design Wearable Sends Chills Whenever The Wearer Hears An AI Voice

A prototype device worn on the ear called Anti AI AI notifies the wearer with a cold touch when it detects a synthetic voice

Children Voice-Activated AI Robot Personalizes Learning For Kids

Children can play learning games with an AI robot called Woogie, which curates content based on their questions and interests

Food & Beverage Improve Your Mood With AI-Selected Foods

Yolk! is an app designed to detect your emotional state and suggest the appropriate foods that could help improve it

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Best Western Is Testing Voice-Activated Rooms With Amazon Dot

The hotel chain is running a pilot program in nearly 200 locations to see how customers and staff respond to having voice-activated devices in their rooms

Advertising Social Network Links People Living With The Same Health Conditions

Curatio is a social app that helps people manage and talk to peers about their similar chronic conditions

Home Apple Enters The Home Market With Its Own Connected Voice Assistant

The smart speaker was announced to compete with the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home

Health How IBM Watson Is Being Used To Create Treatment Plans For Cancer Patients

New data demonstrates the supercomputer's ability to assist doctors in treating cancer

Retail Smart Home Camera Can Identify Family, Pets And Strangers

The Nest Cam IQ offers 'intelligent' features that can differentiate sources of motion and sound in your home and send customized alerts

Fitness & Sport Stay On Track With Fitness Goals With A Motivational Chatbot Companion

GOtivation reaches out to a personal trainer's clients to keep them on course with their fitness programs

Technology AI Can Help You Become A Better Public Speaker

Meet the speech coach in your pocket can help eliminate bad habits

Design DIY Tools Let Anyone Create Their Own Chatbot

Dexter provides people with a simple template and easy-to-follow directions to creating their own interactive AI

Retail AI Software Trains Call Center Workers To Be More Empathetic

Artificial intelligence, such as with Boston startup Cogito, may soon be able to teach us how to be more…human

Technology Facebook's Matchmaker Chatbot Will Help You Find The Perfect Date

Lara is's new AI chatbot for the U.K. and France that can find people who might get along based on their interests

Advertising Interactive Font Map Built Using The Power Of AI

A map crated by IDEO allows designers to explore relations between fonts