Analysis Interview: How A High-End Men's Accessories Retailer Prioritizes Transparency In Its New Store

In this interview, Jonathan Meizler, founder and creative director at Title of Work, explains how the brand is changing the fashion accessory landscape by challenging industry standards and selling one-of-a-kind pieces

Fashion & Apparel COS Created A Capsule Collection In Collaboration With An Art Show

The clothing brand celebrates Dorothea Rockburne's art in its latest line, featuring some of the artist's signature motifs while blending them seamlessly with its own modern, functional aesthetic

Fashion & Apparel Artist Shantell Martin Brings Her Bold Designs To Puma's Spring Style

The artist and PSFK conference speaker applied her high-contrast, modern aesthetic to a collaboration with the athletic brand

Advertising Airline Taps Street Artists To Lend 'Sick Art' To Motion Sickness Bags

Canadian airline FlyGTA brought art from three popular street painters to the most unglamorous of flight supplies

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Work Artist’s Portfolio Lets You Call Him To Explain His Work

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Entertainment Create Live Performances Anywhere Anytime With AR

A music app called Firstage creates a new way for new musicians to reach listeners while also helping the artists financially

Design Giant Color Gradient Puzzle Has Over 1,000 Individual Tiles

In order to solve it, users must figure out how each individually colored tile fits in the color scheme

Advertising Tribeca Film Festival Collaborates With IBM To Introduce AI Tech For Storytellers

The Tribeca Film Festival and IBM Watson presented a contest for project developers using artificial intelligence to aid creative storytelling

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Project Pushes Students To Get Out And Visit U.S. National Parks

Within three weeks, two college students photographed 15 national parks

Advertising Kodak's Magazine Targets Those Who Love Art, Film And Analog Culture

Kodachrome features stories and conversations from around the globe

Health Artist Sunburns Photographs Onto His Models

Thomas Mailaender uses UV rays to develop portraits on his subjects' skin

Design LEGO Vehicles Transform The Landscape In Rome

The imaginative creations were integrated in the streets to create some extraordinary photos

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Düsseldorf Subway Replaces Advertising With Art

A remodeled station in Düsseldorf, Germany, has turned itself into a gallery for commuters