arts and culture

Entertainment Interactive Museum Lets Visitors Experience The Spy Life

Skyscape is a recently opened museum in New York City that aims to educate guests about espionage while immersing them in engaging activities

Retail 'Procrastination Nannies' Help You Get Your Work Done

A pop-up co-working space is introducing a new service to help people finish their passion projects

Split Your Group Dinner Bill Based on Privilege

You'll pay more (or less) for dinner depending on your race and gender

Design Animated Artwork Tracks Energy Consumption in Endless Variations

Raw energy production data gets visualized in a stunning and responsive display

Home Beautiful, Centerpiece-Worthy Vase Doubles as a Bong

Ceramic vessel incorporates two disparate products into one

Advertising Turn Any Video Into 11 Seconds of Internet Gold

In response to GIFs, a platform intends to have the best short-lived content live on in video loops

Advertising Durex Virtual Museum Features Abstract, Colorful and NSFW Artwork

An interactive tour lets users browse a virtual museum by a condom brand

Work This Food Porn is Made from Meticulously Crafted Origami

Niche interests abound with these paper cuts for foodies who craft

Design Shipping Containers Are the Building Blocks for a Swiss Concert Hall

Modular on the outside, musical on the inside of this unique venue

Work Design Miami/ 2015 Explores the Fun and Funky Side of Objects

Designers introduced colorful characters and explored left-field materials

Design Swarovski Installation Represents the Sun 1 Billion Times Smaller

The sculpture of the sun for Design Miami/ explores the intersection of light and geometry

Work See Beyoncé, Miley and More as iPad-Painted Portraits

Artist Jeremy Martin creates colorful celebrity pop art portraits directly on his tablet

Technology Oscar Mayer Wants To Match Up Bacon Beloveds

The Sizzl app narrows down your dating pool based on your bacon preferences

Innovation Transform a Magazine Into a Poncho

A magazine issue spotlighting objects with multiple purposes is a portmanteau itself