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Analysis How Retailers Like Ralph Lauren Are Enhancing In-Store Education With Interactive Displays

In this excerpt from PSFK's Engaging Shoppers In Physical Stores report, here's how four brands are leveraging touchscreen technology with interactive tools that assist and inform shoppers in an entertaining way

Advertising Future of Health: The Open Prosthetics Project

PSFK speaks with Jon Kuniholm, founder of a project aiming to bring open source collaboration to the world of assistive technology.

Design Subtle Subtitles: Wearable Technology Assists People With Speech Conditions

An innovative scarf can help people affected by speech dysarthria engage in more natural conversations.

Innovation Future of Health: Wearable Technology Assists People Affected By Epilepsy

A design out of the Second Opinion project can help people affected by seizures.

Technology Advanced Visual Algorithm Powers Laundry Folding Robot

The PR2 bot is able to fold rectangular towels both individually and from piles without any prior knowledge of what items it will be handling.

Technology NokiaBots Predictive Technology Learns Mobile Usage Patterns

Nokia has released a collection of operating system add-ons for their N97 phones called NokiaBots; these are systems that run in the background of a mobile device and passively collect data on usage behaviors and patterns.

Innovation Robotic Assistants Aid Human Teachers In The Classroom

The Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy has been implementing robotic assistants within primary school classrooms, using them to aid children as they learn English.

Scanner Translates Images Into Three-Dimensional Tactile Structures

Readot is a concept device that translates two-dimensional digital images into three-dimensional representations for use by the visually impaired.