Assistive technology

Automotive Virgin Galactic Gives Passengers Out-Of-This-World Experience With First-Ever Spaceport

Gateway to Space is a luxury space flight terminal intended to give visitors a chance to reach the stars, and will serve as a home to Virgin's new space program

Design Inclusive Typeface Combines Braille With The Visual Alphabet

Braille Neue allows sighted and non-sighted people to read the same typeface, doing away with the need for multiple iterations of the same information

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Launches Smart Clock, Seeking To Dominate The Home Market

The company hopes to extend its market dominance further with an Alexa-powered, 2.5 inch-screened smart speaker

Children Wearable Phone Lets Parents Keep In Contact With Young Children

This wearable device was made to act as a smartphone for children, with ample parental controls

Fashion & Apparel Wristband Lets Wearers Hear Calls Through Their Fingers

The Sgnl wristband uses bone conduction to allow the wearer to take calls through their fingers, simply by pressing them to their ear

Home How Smart Speakers Stole The Show From Smartphones

Amazon and Google believe they’ve struck gold with their voice-controlled speakers while Apple and Microsoft struggle to catch up

Technology This Lamp Only Lights Up If You Surrender Your Smartphone

Designer Klemens Schillinger wants to help people unplug

Retail How Amazon’s Alexa Is Becoming Part Of The Family

In 2017 voice recognition has gone mainstream, with the Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers all competing for space in your life

Design Google Assistant Now Comes In A Remote Control

The touchscreen remote control Lynksyis a first for Google

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Amazon Is Planning To Release A Pair Of Alexa-Powered Glasses

Unlike Google Glass and Snapchat’s Spectacles, the glasses reportedly won’t feature a camera, instead focusing on linking to Amazon’s voice assistant

Loyalty & Membership Android Co-Founder Has Released A New Minimalist Take On The Phone

Android's co-founder Andy Rubin launched the Essential smartphone, aimed at simplifying technology and serving the user

Luxury Louis Vuitton Launches The World's Most Expensive Android Smartwatch

The watch runs Google's smartwatch operating system and retails for $2,450 and up

Retail Alibaba Challenges Google And Amazon With A New Voice Assistant

The Chinese company has created its own digital speaker-assistant with the all the same capabilities of Amazon's Echo

Home Amazon Gives Alexa A Face With The Launch Of Echo Show

Echo Show is Amazon's latest Alexa-enabled product for the home