Design Ear-Monitoring Device Acts As A First Line Of Defense For Astronauts

The Canaria ear piece could monitor astronauts in space consistently throughout their mission

Advertising PSFK Pulse: Robot Workers and Skinny Wallets

Kickstart your day with an efficient economy and contactless payments

Luxury Future Spacesuits Could Be Skintight

An astronaut steps into a loose garment, turns on a switch and voila, it shrinks to fit the body perfectly

Technology Robot Companions Keep Astronauts Company In Outer Space

The Kibo Robot Project is working to build an android capable of conversation and that can recognize specific faces.

Design Reality TV Show Plans To Put Humans On Mars By 2022 [Video]

An ambitious project that will attempt to colonize the Red Planet.

Gaming & Play Key Trend: Using Gaming To Embed Knowledge

Educators are building game experiences as a way to create an intuitive and engaging environment for players of any skill-level to deepen their knowledge about a wide-range of social and academic topics.

Work Astronauts Mentally Drained After More Than A Year of Isolation

Simulated Mars mission required six men to be confined to a small space for 520 days. With only two more months to go, the crew is suffering the effects of the confinement.

Advertising McCann Erickson Behind The First Tweet From Space [Video]

As part of the advertising agency's 100-year-slideshow, they explain the reasoning behind the campaign to send the first tweet in space.

Foursquare User 'Checks' Into Space

A NASA astronaut uses the popular location-based social network 220 miles above the Earth.

Design The World's First Private Rocket To Launch A Human Into Space

A privately funded project prepares to launch an amateur astronaut 93 miles above the Earth.