Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Design Zoetrope Windows Make Hyperloop Transportation More Scenic

The optical illusion could make some reluctant travelers more comfortable with tube-system commutes

Advertising Samsung Lit Up London's Night Sky To Help People Snap Better Photos

The company put on a laser show over London landmarks to promote the low-light photo capabilities of its Galaxy S9 and S9+ models

Syndicated This Olympic Pavilion Can Claim To Be The Darkest Building On Earth

Sprayed with Vantablack Vbx2, the Hyundai pavilion at the Winter Olympics in South Korea absorbs 99% of light

Fashion & Apparel Designer Imagines How Luxury Brands Would Produce VR Headsets

South Korean designer Jaehyeon Ha made a series of stunning concept images imagining Givenchy's VR future

Beauty Neutrogena's iPhone Scanner Examines And Rates Your Skin

Neutrogena presented its new iPhone app and attachable device, which scans your skin for imperfections, at CES 2018

Design Russian Artists "Erase" A Car By Painting Photoshop Pattern Over It

For the STENOGRAFFIA street art festival, a group of artists made a car look like it was cut out of a picture

Design AI Turns Google Street View Into A Professional Photographer

Engineers at Google used machine learning to create stunning landscape photos

Technology AI Photography Assistant Promises Great Shots Everytime

Arsenal is a camera assistant that can be controlled using a phone

Design NYCxDesign: Lighting Is Less About Bulbs, More About Sculptural Expression

Designers are pushing the limits of lighting through shape exploration and unconventional materials

Home Photographer Turns Mobile Home Into A Giant Camera

Ian Kosnoff transformed his small trailer into a photographic device with which he could take high format shots

Home Each Of These Lamps Is Modeled After A Type Of Pollen

An art team from the Zurich University of Arts turned six different pollen structures into 3D lamps with a color-changing light inside

Design A Camera That Only Takes Award-Winning Pictures

The Trophy Camera is equipped with AI to judge the framed shot against award-winning photos before capturing it

Design Homemade Camera Made Of Drinking Straws Creates Pointillistic Photographs

Two photographers created the product to replicate the style of painting in a photo

Technology Is A Camera With Ten Lenses Better Than One?

The Light camera brings an insect-like level of sophistication to a phone-sized camera