Attention Span

Innovation Music Streaming Service Keeps Listeners Focused

Focus@will aims to help boost concentration and productivity and increase people's attention span.

Advertising Could Viewer's Attention Span For Ads Be Increasing?

Top ranking videos on YouTube are all longer than the traditional idea of a good video advertisement.

Technology Shrinking Soundbites, Smaller Attention Spans

The progressive decrease in political soundbites may be a reflection of our generation's Twitter-length attention span.

Advertising Penguin's Commentary On The Future Of Publishing

Penguin's The Future of Publishing video is a thoughtful piece of commentary on short-attention culture and the shifting nature of content delivery and branding.

Technology (Infographic): Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

In a digital age rife with an endless stream of distraction, from email updates to text messages, it's important that we get our priorities straight. This handy hierarchy created by Information is Beautiful helps ensure that your limited attention span is always focused on the most important detail of the moment.