Design Sound-Dampening Earbuds Let You Control Real World Audio Like A Volume Button

Knops work mechanically to reduce real-world noise to very low levels

Technology Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile For The Visually Impaired

Researchers in Switzerland have come up with a tablet with magnetic pins for users to feel where they are on a map and where they need to go

Entertainment Speakers Made Out Of Recycled Trees

Rockit Logs speakers are created from repurposed acoustic quality wood

Consumer Goods Beanie Streams Music And Calls Without All Wires

The Bluetooth Beanie lets people talk to friends and listen to music without headphones or even taking their phones out of their pockets

Technology Website Uses New GitHub Projects To Play Soothing Music

A developer created a site to track projects uploaded to the platform, having xylophone notes play whenever something new happens

Consumer Goods Wireless Earbuds Respond To Touch Commands

Bragi's The Dash earphones have a new innovative feature that allows users to control the device by tapping their face

Advertising Sennheiser's Retail Space Makes Quality Sound More Accessible

Located in the Westfield World Trade Center, the Soundscape introduces commuters and tourists to the legacy of the German audio manufacturer

Retail Adobe Launches Voice-Synthesizing Technology

Project VoCo provides precise control over audio, even synthesizing spoken word to accuratly emulate a person's voice

Fitness & Sport Fitness Advocate: Paving The Future of Workouts With Audio

Ethan Agarwal, CEO of Skyfit, shares how he's democratizing access to boutique fitness classes through an app

Children Children's Jukebox Controlled By Figurines And Tokens

The music player and Wi-Fi enabled speaker lets kids start a song by placing toys on it

Design How Sony Is Using Media To Transform The Home

The new Life Space UX product line aims to simplify and beautify home environments

Technology The World's First 3D Headphones that Calibrate to Your Head

With three-dimension sound, this startup gives listeners a fully customized, calibrated experience

Innovation Sony's Glimpse into the Future of Hands-Free Audio Accessories

A mysterious promo offers a hint of what a brand might do to reposition the audio experience

Design Phone-Charging Case Is Also A Wireless Speaker System

The PERI Duo iPhone Case streams music and increases battery life up to 160%