Audio electronics

Luxury Hermès Transforms Its New York Space Into A Vinyl Pop-Up Shop

The French luxury label is offering an immersive experience at its flagship men's store, letting visitors enjoy an art installation centered around music while they peruse the brand's iconic silks

Entertainment Louis Vuitton DJ Trunk Appeals To Millennial Taste For Home Sound Systems

The luxury brand tricked out a version of its classic luggage with high-end speakers and everything else a DJ needs

Design IKEA Introduces Multi-Use Bluetooth Speakers

IKEA's first audio products were designed with versatility in mind, with options to carry, hang and mount the speakers depending on need

Home These Turntable-Inspired Sinks Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Club

An Italian bath fixtures company released a new sink collection that has the look of vintage turntables with a hidden wireless speaker inside

Design Retrofit Your Vintage Speakers With Wireless Capabilities

Bang & Olufsen partnered with HiFiBerry to make an open-source device that lets users connect traditional speakers to Wi-Fi

Entertainment IKEA Speakers Are Made For Spur-Of-The-Moment Parties

IKEA tapped Teenage Engineering to create a collection of products for the perfect home party, including speakers and LED lights

Technology Portable Device Lets DJs Spin Vinyl Without A Needle

This new gadget from MWM lets DJs play and scratch vinyl without using a needle, giving them better control of the audio

Advertising Facebook Just Created A New Unit of Time

The social network's VR division came up with a new unit to measure individual frames in digital video

Cafe & Restaurant Colonel Sanders Guides A KFC-Inspired Road Trip On A Cassette Tape

The publicity stunt features the voice of the fast food icon giving GPS-like directions through an old medium

Podcast PurpleList Podcast 3: How VR Is Revolutionizing Storytelling As Story Living

We caught up with Google’s Head of Strategic Planning Abigail Posner to discuss a new ethnographic study their team conducted

Technology Project Turns Pieces Of Fabric Into Fully Functional Speakers

EJTECH has created fabric speakers that let a wearer experience music through both sound and touch

Food & Beverage McDonald's Transforms Drink Trays Into A Portable Boombox

The collectible is made for music and McFlurry lovers alike

Automotive In-Car Audio System Uses Interior Surfaces As Speakers

The Ac2ated Sound system produces sound waves through compact actuators installed at numerous locations in the vehicle

Advertising Radiohead Album Hides An App That Only Runs On An 80s Computer

The new special edition album OKNOTOK hides an Easter egg inside the C90 cassette tape that comes with the album