audio recognition

Home Smartphones Hung From Trees Alert Rangers To Illegal Logging

Using audio recognition software, old solar-powered phones can pick up sounds from chainsaws.

Advertising PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

An uber for massages service to an app-ified version of wedding site

Technology Mobile App Listens To Your TV To Automatically Check You Into Shows

IntoNow is an early signal in how audio recognition is poised to drive the development of social TV, with implications for both content and hardware producers.

Advertising Experience Life As A Dream Through Augmented Sound

An application based on the movie Inception combines the RJDJ audio-recognition platform with a number of other environmental inputs to recreate surreal dream-like experiences.

Design Using Technology To Prevent Awkward Conversations

A device that intelligently reacts to human conversation raises thoughts around our future relationships with predictive technology.

Advertising A Video Game Powered By Healthy Eating

This app takes advantage of the iPhone's microphone input to encourage healthier snacking.