Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks Opens Its First U.S. Signing Store To Support Hearing-Disabled Community

The international food and beverage retailer is set to open a location in Washington, D.C. that caters to the needs of its deaf or hard-of-hearing consumers and employees

Technology Apple's New Emoji Designs Represent People With Disabilities

Apple proposed 13 new emojis to represent the experiences of people with disabilities, including a guide dog, prosthetic limbs and a person in a wheelchair

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Uber Is Teaching Customers Sign Language With New Feature

The service is a part of the company's mission to improve working life for deaf drivers

Advertising Virtual Reality Makes Live Theater Accessible For The Hearing Impaired

Samsung is using VR to adds subtitles to performances in real time

Design Hearing Aid Becomes A Vibrating Bracelet At Night To Keep Wearers Safe

The Hearing Rescue goes around a hearing-impaired person's wrist while they sleep and vibrates the user awake if it detects an alarm going off

Automotive Arcade Game Challenges Players To Drive Using Just Their Hearing

Blind Drive represents a new type of game design, asking players to navigate the world using only their ears

Health Hair Clip Lets Deaf People Sense Sound

The device vibrates in the direction of a sound, mimicking its rhythm and vibrating harder for louder sounds

Design Sound-Dampening Earbuds Let You Control Real World Audio Like A Volume Button

Knops work mechanically to reduce real-world noise to very low levels

Health These Headphones Warn Wearers If They Are Close To Causing Hearing Damage

Tech consultancy group Plextek has developed a new device that can be placed in headphones to detect issues with hearing

Retail Mercedes Is Using Noise To Improve Pre-Crash Safety

The technology blasts drivers with a "pink noise" bubble to protect hearing during an accident