Advertising Antarctic Dome At Coachella Offers An Audio-Visual Sensory Experience

Projections took people on a metamorphic journey through time, space and consciousness

Design Leap Motion Game Takes You On Psychedelic Vortex of Light, Sound

Funktronic Labs' Collider is an interactive audiovisual experience that immerses gamers with generative visuals and dynamic music

Work Audiovisual Show Simultaneously Creates Artwork in Two Countries

An art installation/ science experiment bridges the gap between Montreal in Canada and Rennes in France

Innovation Sound City Project Offers Immersive Soundscapes of Urban Areas

Audio visual collaboration presents realistic experience in global cities

Luxury Audiovisual Installation Lets You Experience Northern Lights

Artist Bertrand Lanthiez's project recreates the atmosphere through tangible, A/V interaction

Technology Audiovisual Installation Recreates Layers Of The Onion Skin

The project was created by Olivier Ratsi, artist and founder of ANTIVJ.

Design Cloud Of Balloons Performs Light Show Set To Music [Video]

Cyclique is an audiovisual installation featuring over 200 helium balloons, each one equipped with LEDs that flicker.

Work Chiseled Digital Sculptures Harken Back To Michelangelo [Video]

Created by artist Quayola, Captives is a series of digital and physical sculptures that offer a modern interpretation of the Renaissance style.

Design 9/11 Museum Will Showcase Survivor's Recorded Memories

Visitors will hear recordings of people from around the world recounting where they were and what they felt seeing the attack.

Syndicated Creator's Project: London Square Turned Into Kaleidoscopic Audiovisual Light Show

Flat Iron Square in south London was transformed into an immersive light show with deadmau5 providing accompanying audio.

Design The Creators Project: New Film Charts The Rise Of Projection Mapping

A brief documentary looking at the growing popularity among audiovisual artists of creating fantastic 3D motion sculptures and environments using focused light animations.

Technology Thicket: iPad Becomes An Audiovisual Canvas (Video)

The app blends movement, texture and sound to display a smooth, fluid-like interaction between audio and visuals.

(Video) Moving Beyond Knob Twiddling

Eyebeam's Visual Music Collaborative collapses mediums to re-invigorate musical experience.

Design (Video) Sculpture Finds A New Use For Vinyl Records

Art collective Sculpture use vinyl records in a new way as part of their audio-visual performance systems.