augmented reality app

Microsoft's New Software Helps The Colorblind Distinguish Colors

The Color Binoculars app augments hues to bring a new perception for difficult combinations

Fitness & Sport Verizon's Latest Patent Brings AR To Sports Stadiums

The company is using augmented reality to enhance otherwise flat displays by overlaying supplementary information

Innovation Lacoste Enriches Its Brand Campaign with Augmented Reality Book

The apparel brand puts a tech-layered spin on the fashion catalog

Advertising Concept Car Features Changing Room For Fashionable Drivers

German retailer Zalando has presented its Fashion Car at the Geneva Motor Show, which merges online shopping with driving.

Technology AR Experience Creates A Tailored Dark Knight Soundtrack For Daily Life

App immerses the user into the sounds of Gotham City based on their current surroundings.

Advertising Get Inside New Mercedes Models With 3D AR App

Augmented reality gives potential buyers a closer look at models and accessories they might be interested in purchasing.

Design App Makes Brands More Interactive By Culling Virtual Information

When pointed at included brand logos Blippar lets users interact with 3D objects and get information on recipes and more

Gaming & Play Zap Some Life Into Your T-Shirt With Augmented Reality

Zappar uses AR technology to create a series of playful animated t-shirts

Design Augmented Reality Cinema App Takes You To The Movies

This concept app cues up movie scenes that have been shot in your current location.